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A girls bedroom. Has a bed

Pack-Out's Are Not So Easy.

Here at SERVPRO of Moreno Valley we understand how difficult it is to part from your belongings, especially if it's going to be days or possibly weeks. Leaving your home is never easy, especially when you know it has suffered severe damages. Our mission is to make you feel comfortable enough to make this process as smoothly as possible. When you see our team arrive, feel assured, you are in excellent hands. We take good care of everything we pack out. Before our team packs out, we give you time to sort the things you want to keep and take with you. We will provide you with bags, boxes, bubble wrap and whatever else you many need and we can provide. After you are all set, our team will go in and pack everything out safely and store in a clean and sanitized storage container. If you or someone you know needs a pack-out, call us right away at 909-425-1115 we would love to help. 

Home Hallway missing flooring and new drywall is being installed

Toilet Back Ups are Our Expertise.

Pam went out for a walk with her best friend. When she returned home, a flooded home greeted her. She didn't know who to call but thankfully her Insurance agent has worked with us before and knew exactly who to call for help. We arrived immediately and helped her open up a claim and extracted the water from her home. She was so glad we arrived and could help her right away. We have finished the water mitigation and are now on track to reconstruct her home "Like it never even happened." If you or someone you know has an emergency like Pam, Moreno Valley to be there to save the day. 

A wet hallway with firefighters walking it.

The Emergency Sprinkler System goes off in a Hotel in Highland.

What happens when the sprinkler system in your hotel goes off? A lot! And I mean a lot of water comes out and floods your room and hallways immediately. When SERVPRO arrived, they saw water everywhere! It looked like a storm hit it; it saturated the rooms and hallway. Thankfully, the local fire department arrived right away and shut the water off before it got worse. A kitchen in one of the rooms caught fire and triggered the sprinkler system. Over 20 rooms damaged, but thankfully no one got hurt. SERVPRO of Highland / North Redlands took immediate action and began extracting the water from the building. We extracted hundreds of gallons of water that night. Our Emergency response team worked quickly to get every drop out. SERVPRO worked fast to make things “Like it never even happened.”

New Green SERVPRO car.

Our New Marketing Car.

Our company just grew a little bit more today. We are glad to introduce our new marketing car, beep! Beep! We are excited to see where this car will take us and what new journeys will come with it. We are thinking of naming her the "lil baby" because she is the smallest and newest car in our lot. Welcome to the SERVPRO family "lil baby" we can't wait to show you off. 

The ladies of the office holding our new SERVPRO lawn signs

Our SERVPRO professionals are ready to help call us today!.

SERVPRO of Moreno Valley provides 24/7 emergency services to all of our local homeowners. If your home has suffered from fire, water, bio hazard or storm emergency we are here to help. SERVPRO is your trusted company for clean ups and restorations. We are the preferred Vendors for many national and local insurance Companies as well.

When you see this yard sign in front of a home you know the home owners are in good hands. 

Call SERVPRO today to schedule your free inspection at 951-756-2943